Senior Counsel

David H. Peirez


p (516) 746-7799 Ext. 112; Cell 516-455-4411 f (516) 742-4946

Leading our New York Law Firm in Corporate Law, Trademark and Copyright, Electronic Commerce, Environmental Law, Business Transactions, and Commercial Litigation, David H. Peirez brings his years of experience as Chairman and CEO of a mid-size listed company with over 2000 employees to his clients. Bridging the gap between protecting his client’s legal rights and ensuring maximum profitability through creative solutions, David understands the needs of the corporate client.
As an expert in the industry, David has lectured and written on a variety of topics concerning Federal and State environmental law and hazardous waste litigation, as well as Electronic Commerce including the legal issues surrounding the Internet and electronic commerce.
In March of 2007 New York State Comptroller Thomas F. DiNapoli appointed David H. Peirez Chairman of the New York State Comptroller’s Real Estate Advisory Committee for the New York State Common Retirement Fund. It is the nation’s third largest pension fund with nearly $160 billion in total assets and over $9 billion allocated to the real estate investments which Mr. Peirez’ committee oversees.
Prior to this, David was named by Governor George Pataki to the seven-member Nassau County Interim Finance Authority, where he served for four years. In 1982, Governor Mario Cuomo appointed David to the New York State Job Development Authority (now known as the Empire State Development Corporation), which provides loans to aid and improve employment opportunities. He served for 12 years and was Vice Chairman. Additionally, David was appointed and served as a founding member of the Advisory Committee to establish Hofstra’s E-Commerce Institute in the Scott Skodnek Business Development Center at Hofstra University.