Joseph Capobianco Partner

Partnerships through the Law

As a client of Reisman Peirez Reisman & Capobianco, you will receive the attention of a partner on all of your legal matters. You can be assured that we will bring experienced, sound business and legal prospectives, as we work together with you to drive your successes and continued growth.

Reisman Peirez Reisman & Capobianco’s size is by design. We have always emphasized service first. Your matters are handled by the partner you select, and are not passed off to associates to manage. We know your matters are personal to you, even when they are corporate in nature; that is why we remain available to you directly and work to ensure that you receive the utmost support.

Our partnership extends beyond the courtroom and the board room, to provide advice to insure that your business policies and personal decisions are made within the law